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The Katar Series

The second in the series is in final edit mode.

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The Katar Legacy by Tobin Loshento

The Katar Legacy

by Tobin Loshento

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The Katar Legacy

US Review of Books gives Katar a rare "Recommended."

The Katar families have ruled the six cities (Argn, Bronin, Slurne, Vranin, Qenaril, and Arbeneth) known collectively as simply The Cities for thousands of years. Their power unbreakable, with dissent crushed by the draining of your ka, your life force, and used to fuel the rings of the Katar and their artifacts.

The return of the lost race of daemons, the Tarth, provides the distraction and weakening of the Katar the rebellion needs. If they had one of the ancient artifacts of the Katar, they might have a chance. Of course, so would the Tarth.

Tsom, a young thief, steals from the wrong man and finds himself thrust directly into the revolution. Ultimately, he must choose between his new friends, or the survival of mankind and saving the Katar--who murdered his mother.

The Katar Legacy is the first in a series. The series allows for major characters to die and does not have pure evil versus the heroic good; it focuses on a pivotal group of characters as the world of Nakana goes through change as the dying races make their stand against the growing pressures of mankind and their gods, who are less than godlike.

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The Gods of the Katar is in the editing phase.