hamazan-prototype-coverThe first of the Hamazan series has not yet been released (no release date set yet).

Here is a potential back cover teaser:

Sheila is in Seattle for two reasons: her right breast and a miniature totem pole.

Sheila is in search of her past–her mother abandoned her at birth–and all she has to go on is a small carved totem pole, a strange tattoo on her right breast, the fact that she is strong enough to kick her abusive foster father’s ass and she heals really fast. Her employer, Angela is nice enough; at least she isn’t like the strange woman in blue who encouraged her to kill a homeless man. Things get confusing when she discovers that Angela has a tattoo on her right breast, is very strong, and warns her that the Hamazan tribes, the ancient Persian name for what the Greeks called Amazon, are vying for Sheila.

To become Hamazan, she is told, you must kill a male before your eighteenth birthday, which gives Sheila only a few months to figure out if she is willing to pay the price to be in a sisterhood of modern warriors, or potentially pay the consequences.

When Sheila’s new boyfriend is nearly killed, then kidnapped, she turns to his mentor, Dr. Jean Hallifax, who is professor emeritus in Greek Mythology and has a pet research project demonstrating the parallels between Greek Mythology and the Northwest Indian mythology. Together, with a very old Japanese friend of Jean’s, Sheila gains an understanding of why her mother abandoned her and the price of independence, friendship and family.

Hamazan is the first in a series. Borrowing concepts touched upon in Joseph Campbell’s four books on mythologies and their commonalities, I play with the idea of what if the Greek gods were also in the Pacific Northwest, with the Olympic Mountains, erupting volcanoes and sophisticated Hamazan tribes vying for power. The second in the series is currently underway while the first goes through some final edits.